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Ambassador Program Overview

Management Education and Development (MED) Division Ambassador’s Program Version: July 9, 2016 1 – Background With over 20,000 members from nearly 120 countries, and 8.84% growth since 2010 in international members, the Academy of Management (AOM) membership profile is at a significant point in the history of the organization, where more new members are from

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By Laws

BYLAWS OF THE MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT DIVISION OF THE ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT (Drafted: June 2017, accepted by vote of MED membership September 2017) (Last Revised May 2009) ARTICLE I.NAME The name of the Division shall be The Management Education and Development Division of The Academy of Management, hereinafter referred to as the Division. ARTICLE

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Welcome to MED

MED is the home division to a number of Academy members that value the teaching and learning side of academia and the research that contributes to the advancement of teaching and learning.  In my experience, MED members take the developmental aspect of the division to heart and strive, not only to develop themselves as multifaceted

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