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Barbara A. Ritter Chair MED Division

Barbara A. Ritter, Ph.D., Coastal Carolina University – Chair, MED Division

MED is the home division to a number of Academy members that value the teaching and learning side of academia and the research that contributes to the advancement of teaching and learning.  In my experience, MED members take the developmental aspect of the division to heart and strive, not only to develop themselves as multifaceted professionals, but to also assist in the development of others.  I first happened upon MED early in my academic career when I realized that I was not fully prepared as a graduate student to achieve to my potential in the classroom.  In MED, I found a division whose members were eager and willing to help.  When you consider that about 80% of tenure track positions will be at balanced or teaching institutions, the need for this division is incredible.  We offer PDWs that will allow you to apply theories and techniques directly into the classroom, sessions on how to produce quality and impactful pedagogical research, presentations of pedagogical and development-oriented research findings, and a supportive and collaborative environment in which to engage in continuous improvement.  Welcome to our division.

MED has been my home division since I was a PhD student because it helps me “walk the talk!”

A central theme in many of my courses is reflection, verification, ensuring that managerial policies have the intended effect. I know I am not alone when I say that, as a PhD student, I did not receive any training on how to pass on to students the knowledge I acquired or

Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Ph.D., Clarion University - Program Chair, MED Division

Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Ph.D., Clarion University – Program Chair-Elect, MED Division

learned to generate. MED’s professional development workshops (PDWs) are one of the most useful features of the AOM annual conferences that have helped me better understand how my work can be better received by my students, at different levels, face-to-face or online.

As an author, MED has also offered me opportunities to present papers, PDWs, serve and learn from my colleagues —and now even serve in the 5-year leadership sequence. Every year I look forward to learning from others and to sharing my work with like-minded individuals, some of whom I’ve met recently and others for more than a decade. Much is talked about how those of us who have received much are responsible for giving back as well… it’s my privilege and my honor to give back a little to an organization that has helped me so much!