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How Should We Prepare The Next Generation of Graduates for Workplace?

  • 1.  How Should We Prepare The Next Generation of Graduates for Workplace?

    Posted 08-01-2021 15:59

    Due to automation, nearly half of the jobs will vanish over the next two decades in the US. However, the problem is not confined to any particular country. Management educators in higher education are faced with two fundamental questions: (a) how we prepare our students for new required technology competencies when conducting international business and (b) how we work with new technologies to prepare our students. While the next generation of employees requires competencies in working with artificial intelligence relying on data analytics, the emergence of artificial intelligence and new technologies in augmenting teaching is changing the nature of higher education across the globe.

    Management Education and Automation

    Management Education and Automation explores international management education in light of exponential development of artificial intelligence, big data, demographic shifts, expansion of robotic utilization in many economic sectors, aging populations and negative population growth in developed economies, multipolar international political systems, migration patterns, and fundamental shifts in individual and social interactions via digital media.

    It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest to researchers, academics, policymakers, and students in the fields of international business and management, globalization, management education, and management of technology and innovation.

    Table of Contents

    PART I Envisioning the future

    1. Framing Automation and Management Education

    Hamid H. Kazeroony

    2. Society 5.0 Transformation: Digital Strategy in Japan

    Meiko Murayama 

    3. Futurology Reorientation Nexus: Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Brighton Nyagadza

    4. Technological Frame and Best Praxis in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Toyoko Sato

    PART II Future of Work & Leadership: Generational & Skill Gap

    5. Workplace learning and Generation Z: Technology-led learning

    Guy Ellis

    6. Industry 4.0 and its impact on Future Business Leaders

    Aneta Aleksander

    7. Skill Gap Between Academic Learning and Employability

    Huda Masood

    PART III Educational Disparities: Regional Empirical Evidence

    8. Automation-Differences in African Foreign-Based Higher Education in Ghana

    Obi Berko Damoah & Anita Asiowome Adzo Baku

    9. Embracing Artificial Intelligence in sub-Saharan Higher Educational Institutions

    James Baba Abugre

    PART IV Management Education & Automation

    10. The Future of Management Education

    Hamid H. Kazeroony

    Hamid Kazeroony
    Senior Contributing Faculty
    Ph.D. Mangement Program
    Minneapolis, MN