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Wisdom Studio's Track on Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Second Film

  • 1.  Wisdom Studio's Track on Leading with Emotional Intelligence - Second Film

    Posted 11-12-2020 06:16

    Dear Colleagues,

    Emotional intelligence has become essential for employees' well-being in this COVID-19 period.  To address this need, CBA Organizational Wisdom Studio has started a new track/playlist, "Leading with Emotional Intelligence Comedy Film Selections".

    The second episode in this new track features the film titled "Push Pins Inc.", produced in 2015. Exploring servant leadership theory, this film tells the story of a group of employees who suffer from a climate of workplace loneliness that is created by an apathetic organizational leader who continually avoids employees.

    The film illustrates how organizational leaders with low emotional intelligence can create their own psychological "prison" of loneliness. The film then explores how emotionally intelligent servant leaders can help lonely employees heal their broken relationships.

    After film presentation in this episode Professor Sigal Barsade from the Wharton School provides a commentary about this film, where she analyzes the characters, interactions, and story portrayed in the film to draw practical and theoretical insights about leading with emotional intelligence. Please share this episode with your students, colleagues, and others, at a time when we all need more intelligence in our organizations. Enjoy the show!

    Wisdom Studio, Emotional Intelligence Track, Episode-2: https://youtu.be/tDjz5-gVaqw

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    Hakan Ozcelik
    California State Univ Sacramento
    Sacramento CA