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The Future of Work, Corporations and Leadership

  • 1.  The Future of Work, Corporations and Leadership

    Posted 11-02-2020 13:52

    ***The Future of Work, Corporations and Leadership***

    Dear MED friends and colleagues,

    If there was ever a moment to seize, to demonstrate our role as educators to foster learning for impact now is it !

    I am inviting you to join a new program of research to explore the way we would educate about the future of work, corporations and leadership.

    I invite you to share :

    1) what is current provided in the business curriculum in addressing these themes individually or systemically (exploring the connections between future-work-corporations-leadership)?

    2) What constitutes the learning that is fostered (methods of teaching, educating, content of courses, other learning events) in addressing these themes?

    3) How is learning and its impact in enabling future readiness accounted for?

    Looking forward to your responses and the opportunities these provide to shape collaboratively the future management education curriculum fit for purpose - to support the learning leaders of the future we want to part of.

    Please email me directly at eagnosis@outlook.com


    Elena Antonacopoulou, PhD
    GNOSIS Institute