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Seeking AOM 2019 MED/IME Caucus participants

  • 1.  Seeking AOM 2019 MED/IME Caucus participants

    Posted 11-11-2018 22:55

    Dear Colleagues,

    If you are interested in joining a 2019 caucus proposal submission to explore potential collaboration on a International Management Education book project please contact me for details at hamid.kazeroony2@mail.waldenu.edu by November 20th.

    My colleagues Yvonne Du Plessis, Denise Tsang, and I are seeking contributions in completing book project tentatively accepted by Routledge.

    This book will be probing a deep understanding of IME in light of exponential development of artificial intelligence, Big Data, demographic shifts, expansion of robotic utilization in many economic sectors, aging populations and negative population growth in developed economies, multi polar international political system, migration patterns, and fundamental shifts in individual and social interactions using digital media. Also, this book contextualizes cultural intelligence, positive energy, and social responsibility within the context of IME. Finally, this book will examine the future meaning of global IME-glocalisation. 

    If you or one of your colleagues likes to contribute to one of the chapters below or closely aligned content, Please email me so we can include you in our Cacus proposal:

    New frontiers in international management education knowledge acquisition and transfer

    1. New focus of international manager: From ecology to blockchain and anything in between
    2. The North and the South dialogue and the East and the West conflict
    3. What does multipolar world political order mean for international management?
    4. Resource limitations and competition in managing the future
    5. The erosion of cultural dimensions' distinctness and language barriers for effective international management

    The world digitization, cryptocurrencies, and social responsibility

    1. Managing internationally in the age of digitization with an eye on regulations
    2. Developing international organizational mission, vision, and strategy: the role of blockchain and virtual currency
    3. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and international decision making
    4. How do I remain competitive in international employment market?
    5. What are my social responsibilities in the 2020s & beyond?

    Ecology, neurosciences, nanotechnology and ethical considerations for international managers' decision making

    1. Ecology: why is it relevant?
    2. Neurosciences, cognition, and their impact on international management decision making process across boundaries
    3. Nanotechnology, molecular manipulation, and ethics
    4. Supervising robots and people across cultures and boundaries
    5. Envisioning the future

    As defined by AOM, "The premise of a caucus is primarily to provide an opportunity for scholars to innovate, share and discuss emergent ideas that are still in the incubatory stage. Caucuses are designed to provide a convenient, informal way for AOM members with shared interests to find one another and to develop a sense of community within the larger AOM structure as well as to explore potential collaborations in a forum open to all interested AOM members. Caucuses' deliberations are more of an informal exchange with facilitators rather than a designated presenter(s). The submissions for a caucus should detail the ideas for discussion and the format planned by the organizers and is typically no more than two pages in length. A caucus is more informal where AOM members with shared interests can discuss common issues and explore potential research collaborations."

    Hamid Kazeroony
    Contributing Faculty
    Ph.D. Mangement Program
    Minneapolis, MN