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Using the Flipped Classroom To Teach Entrepreneurship (and Other Courses)

  • 1.  Using the Flipped Classroom To Teach Entrepreneurship (and Other Courses)

    Posted 08-28-2018 11:45

    Greetings, Colleagues:


    I know a few of you are  experimenting with teaching entrepreneurship on-line, and/or using a "flipped" teaching approach.


    In fact, I have flipped my classroom to teach large and small sections of principles of financial accounting students. All the videos they must watch before class were either created by me (using Camtasia software, in my office), or they are freely available online. Also, all course materials were created by me, or they are freely available from my friend, Larry Walther, who created a magnificent course here: http://principlesofaccounting.com . Students LOVE the ability to go back and review the "lectures" before exams.


    With my dean's permission, I charge $89.95 for students to access my materials by buying a COURSE PASS (with 150 students per semester, do the math!). She permits this because my students have outperformed, or equally performed, students whose instructors require a $270 new textbook or a $140 used textbook. I have jettisoned the textbook in favor of current, relevant materials that squarely address the course learning objectives. I've excised the fat of the textbooks, along with all the ancillary materials.


    With all this said, if you want "guest access" to see the structure of my flipped course, please send an email at cdeberg@csuchico.edu.


    On a similar note:  I've created a flipped entrepreneurship course for teens and young adults. All 26 lessons will be available online in the next two weeks. If you'd like to see the introduction and first two lessons of "Turning Risk into Success," go to http://go.sagetris.com/curriculum.  Among the 26 lesson topics:


    ·         Brainstorming

    ·         Design Thinking

    ·         Lean Canvas

    ·         Crowdfunding

    ·         Digital Marketing

    ·         Cash Management

    ·         Intellectual Property

    ·         Social Entrepreneurship

    ·         Global Business

    ·         Using Excel to Make Your Life Easier

    ·         Using Math to Make Business Decisions


    To learn more details about the course, go to http://sagetris.com.


    Miles of Smiles,


    Curtis L. DeBerg, CPA



    California State University, Chico

    Founder: http://sageglobal.org

    Author: How High Is Up?