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Invitation to join a MED -PDW team for AoM in Boston

  • 1.  Invitation to join a MED -PDW team for AoM in Boston

    Posted 10-02-2018 18:16

    You are officially invited to join a Management Education Division (MED) Professional Development Workshop (PDW) team at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, August 9-13, 2019.

    This session will showcase the use of movies in teaching various topics in management. Please note that this year we are stipulating the use of:

    1. movies made in 2015 or later-to ensure that our PDW would supply fresh ideas to those attending 


    1. clips of movies, no longer than 20 minutes-because 1) many management educators find that it is not feasible to dedicate class time to showing an entire film and 2) using a clip avoids the problems associated with the use of copyrighted materials (especially important for those teaching online).

    If you are interested in participating in this PDW, send an email boston2019moviepdw@gmail.com by Monday, October 29, explaining how you illustrate a management topic by using a clip that is A) no longer than 20 minutes and B) from a film made no earlier than 2017.

    1. Provide the movie's title, year of release, and director.
    2. Indicate the start and finish time of the clip (e.g., 52:00-1:03:00 tells us that the scene you show begins 52 minutes into the movie and ends11 minutes later).
    3. State which topic/concept your film clip illustrates.
    4. Share the discussion questions and other activities and facilitator materials (e.g., prompts/think-pair-share) you use to promote learning.  

    We need your ideas by the end of October so that you will have time to address our feedback and make any necessary changes well before the deadline for submitting the proposed PDW.


    If your ideas are included in our proposal, we will ask that you:

    1. Confirm that your participation in this PDW would not violate the Rule of 3+3. 
    2. Sign up to review for the MED division. (If we are asking MED to include our session in the program, we should "give back" by supporting the Division as reviewers.)
    3. Submit contact information and a brief bio.

    Thank you!!

    Jennifer Schultz,  Debbie Comer,  and Betsy Cooper


    Elizabeth Cooper
    University Of Rhode Island
    Kingston RI