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  • 1.  AMLE newsflash

    Posted 02-09-2024 12:18

    Greetings from AMLE, 

    I am delighted to share a few news items from the AMLE deck that might be of interest to colleagues across disciplines, so I hope you can bear with me that this information is shared across AOM email list-servers. Let me get straight into it:

    1. PDW dates for your calendar

    If you are in the process of developing a paper in the broader domain of management learning and education, you could consider our forthcoming PDWs as an opportunity to receive developmental feedback. Here are the details:

    14-15 Nov 2024 at Copenhagen Business School (Denmark - joint PDW with Academy of Management Annals)

    27 May 2024 FGV São Paulo (Brazil)

    29 May 2024 IAE Business School, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

    More dates for PDWs in Australia, Mexico and India to be confirmed soon. Please visit our websites on updates on these events.

    2. Our in-press menu features several new articles/essays that are likely to be of interest to AMLE and general management scholars. 

    - Marie Holm and Gazi Islam on Managerial Interventions and the Search for Collective Mindfulness

    - Eliana Crosina, Erin Frey, Andrew Corbett and Danna Greenberg on a model of learning through experiential entrepreneurship education.

    - Jose Alcaraz, Keary Shandler, Mark Edwards and Jorge A. Arevalo on Film-Making And Management Learning As (Multimodal) Design

    - Olga Ryazanova, Peter McNamara and Tatiana Andreeva on When Hard-Working Bees Do Not Make a Productive Beehive: Legitimacy Tensions in Societal Impact Governance and How to Navigate Them

    - Miguel Pina E Cunha, Stewart Clegg, Arménio Rego and Ace V. Simpson on Drawing on the Dark Triad to Teach Effective Leadership Is Dangerous, Irresponsible, and Bad Theory

    3. Finally, a reminder that we offer a new outreach activity "Talk to the editor".

    This initiative is designed as opportunity to obtain valuable feedback during a 30 minute video call with an AMLE editor before formal submission. Please note that terms and conditions apply. 

    That's it for today. I hope this newsflash contained information that spark your interest. 

    Best wishes

    Dirk Lindebaum
    Senior Professor in Management & Organisation
    Grenoble Ecole de Management 

    Visiting Professor 

    University of Alberta School of Business
    Alberta Business Family Institute

    Editor-in-chief Academy of Management Learning & Education 

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