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Not just another AOM symposium - Peer Coaching Groups in action

  • 1.  Not just another AOM symposium - Peer Coaching Groups in action

    Posted 08-05-2023 08:52

    Gaining popularity, becoming more powerful, and increasingly impacting diverse processes in organizations, they can transform human lives, boost productivity, and facilitate development... No, they're not another set of AI algorithms; they're peer coaching groups (PCGs). PCGs have been embraced by giants like YPO, Microsoft, and Wharton for decades, and now, for the first time at the AOM Meetings, we have an opportunity to learn everything we wanted to know about this potent toolset.

    Sponsored by HR, MED, and OB divisions, this panel symposium on PCGs (#1811) promises to be a convergence of real-life superheroes, bringing together an impressive lineup of scholars and executives from global organizations.

    In three roundtables, we will delve deeply into the multifaceted world of PCGs, exploring their practical applications, their effectiveness, and their extensive impacts on performance, development, and well-being within organizations (and beyond). We're setting aside traditional papers and presentations, instead opting for a lively discussion about the "how," "why," and especially the "so what", as well as what other scientific fields can learn from PCG research.

    Please join us on August 8th, from 10am to 11:30am, at the Empire, Westin (yes, like in "Empire Strikes Back", easy to remember). This event is sure to be a great source of inspiration and a springboard for fresh research ideas as you head back to your universities!

    Roman Terekhin
    Case Western Reserve University
    Rockville MD