• MED 5 Year Report - Couldn't Do It Without You

    MED’s committee proudly shares with its nearly 1800 members that the outcome of our five-year review is the decision by AOM’s Division and Interest Group Relations (DIGR) Committee to renew the MED Division for another 5 years!

    Read the report which was prepared for approval here and results and feedback of the DIGR here

    Key challenges the MED community are tasked with include enhancing member engagement, improving program rigor and services to the members, and clarifying and leveraging our relationship with AOM’s Teaching and Learning Conference.

    Very Special thanks to MED’s 5-year review committee who prepared the report: Sabine Hoidn (lead), Brett Matherne, Ricardo Flores, Nicole Coomber, Peter McNamara and John Cullen. We also want to thank past MED chairs Barbara Ritter, Miguel Olivas, and Paul Hibbert, as well as current MED officers who provided valuable feedback when preparing the report.

    Encourage your colleagues to join the MED community in tackling these challenges together and let’s continue to raise the quality of MED for all of the AOM!