• Another Great Way to Collaborate!

    Hey MED, Let’s “Gather”

    Since gathering in person isn’t possible, the MED Board has created an online space to allow participants to gather informally. The informality of in-person meetups is hard to recreate in current video chat apps. However, in our Gather space, you can have multiple people in the same shared space having multiple conversations. And it’s open 24/7/365, so you can meet up with people in your time zone!

    Once you log into Gather, you can use your keyboard or mouse to “move” over the low-fidelity, 2D map. When you get near other people on the map, their video and audio will be available to you; when you move away, it will fade away. You can see the platform description here. 

    How Do I Get There?

    Navigate to, then enter the password med2020

    How Do I Use this Space?

    1. Catch up with colleagues. Invite a few people to meet you in the space at a pre-specified time. 
    2. Join before or after sessions or socials. Attend an exciting session and want to talk to others about it? Hop into Gather and find others who want to chat! As a reminder, here are the “live” sessions when you can join. Note, if a session is asynchronous, you can join the Gather space with others to discuss and interact! All times EDT. 
      • Saturday, 8th of August, 11.00;  PDW Workshop  "Teaching with Technology: Seeing Past the Constraints of Technology." (Real-time Open
      • Monday, August 10th, 13.00 – MED Annual Members Meeting and Awards (Mock Live)
      • Monday, August 10th, 13.30: MED Keynote: Stephanie Bryant, Chief Accreditation Officer for AACSB and Welcome Address – (Real-Time Open)
      • Monday, August 10th, 3pm - MED Executive Committee meeting (asynchronous)
      • Monday, August 10th, 7pm - MED/Sage Monday evening member social (asynchronous - but pop into the Gather space at this time to chat!)
    3. Pop in anytime! You can pop in at any time during the conference to see who else is there!
    4. Start a Twitter Conversation! Use the hashtag #MED@AOM2020 and invite others to join you from social media!

    The Gather space doesn’t expire, so if you meet people at the conference and would like an informal way to meet again, hang on to the link and the password and feel free to use it again!