• Update from Kim Gower, Chair

    Dear MED Members:

    We hope this email finds you healthy and happy in this strangest of times.

    Many of you will be getting emails from various sources about the way this year’s virtual AOM 2020 will work.

    The executive board wants to assure you that we have been discussing this option for a couple of months and have a strong plan, as the MED division, moving forward.

    Since we have been planning, we were able to offer suggestions to the AOM Executive Board-some they used and some they did not:).

    We were only first informed of some of their choices last Friday, May 15, hence this email to keep you up to date.

    There are many moving parts to this, but we had an excellent executive board meeting last week where we started to put our plan into motion.

    We see this as an excellent opportunity to showcase MED outside of the usual constraints of choosing which PDW or which Paper Session to attend, and we are excited about bringing the MED enthusiasm and level of achievement to the entire Academy in a way that was never before possible.

    Alan Eisner, as Program Chair, and Gerard Beenen, as PDW Chair, have their work cut out for them as the challenges we face lie largely in their areas. We will ask for your help in communicating MED’s program throughout the Academy!

    Additionally, Kathleen Barnes will still be running our Writer’s Workshop, and we will still have our Saturday Night Social!:) Please be open to assisting with these as needed, in our usual MED fashion.

    Finally, if any of you have mad technical skills, would you please reply separately to me ( if you are willing to be our digital guru(s). By now we all seem to feature some pretty good abilities, and AOM is offering a technical help group, but it would be helpful to MED to have our own “go to” people so we know our program is getting done! At this stage we are incorporating ZOOM, YouTube, and a Google tool for papers and PDW’s. We will also be asking our Chinese constituents to help us with whatever platforms we can use effectively in their country.

    Thank you all so much for everything you do, as we continue to be a leader in Management Education and Development, and collegiality!

    All the best,
    Kim Gower, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia