• AOM MED Webinar Coordinator sought to start Fall, 2021

    MED seeks a Webinar Coordinator to continue the work that Lisa Stickney has performed. 

    Starting this Fall, the Webinar Coordinator will organize and oversee the delivery of 2-3 webinars per year. The webinars: 

    • Provide a forum for academics and practitioners to stay up to date 
    • Introduce management education and development to doctoral students 
    • Create opportunities to connect with Academy members who may not have easy access to the annual meeting 
    • Introduce academics and practitioners who are not members of the Academy of Management to the Academy, and the MED division, specifically 

    Existing procedures are neatly codified, Zoom webinar hosting is secured for the upcoming year, and behind-the-scenes support is in place thanks to Lisa Sitckney’s careful attention.  

    Do any of our current MED officers or members want to volunteer for this role, or have suggestions of people who might be interested?  

    If you, or someone you know is interested, please email the MED secretary Lisa Callagher ( ) by Monday, April 12. Along with your name and affiliation, please tell us in 3-4 sentences about your skillset and motivation for the role!