Help sustain humanity at our Caucus: "Education for Managing Existential Risks of Humanity" August 2

07-27-2021 08:06

Please join us at the following times: 05hrs US West; 08hrs US East; noon UK; 13hrs CET; 17:30hrs Delhi: ; 21hrs Tokyo ; 22hrs Sydney  at

Help is required to fill the knowledge gap in the theory, practices of what Elinor Ostrom describes in her 2009 Nobel prize acceptance speech as "polycentric self-governance". The urgency of this mission is that it has been a proven way over millenniums to avoid tragedies of the commons. Such a tragedy is now arising at a global level from the pollution of the air, oceans, soils and loss of bio-diversity. To be effective bottom-up engagement is required by the 8 billion citizens contributing to multiple existential risks to the future of humanity. 

As the largest and most pre-eminent group of scholars in the World, the AOM has the awesome intellectual responsibility of applying the knowledge of system scientists who create self-governing devices to management educators. This requires turning management eduction on its head by the need to design corporate constitutions that introduce bottom-up stakeholder self-governance. The checks and balances so created is an intrinsic practice of polycentric self-governing organisations. 

Leadership is invited to redesign curriculums that allow students to develop ways of reformatting the Ostrom design principles to be applied to incorporated organisations using system science insights and practices of the many polycentrc organisations currently operating in society under the radar of many researchers.

Leaders for self-organising breakout sessions during the Caucus are invited to contact my co-organiser Sharam Alijani <> or myself <> as soon as possible.

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Education for Managing Existential Risks of Humanity

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