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Purpose of MED
Welcome to MED! Our primary purpose is to encourage professional scholarship in management education and development among interested members of the Academy of Management.

MED Domain Statement
The Management Education and Development Division supports theory development and research in management education (academic) and leadership/management development (non-credit instruction). MED is the education theory, practice and policy research division of the Academy of Management. We enable effective practices of management education and development by encouraging research on programs and institutions which addresses issues at all levels of management education delivery, from individual learner through education and learning policy. We foster the skill development of our membership through workshops on improving effective teaching, learning, participation and engagement strategies. Major areas of focus include: theoretical advances or empirical evidence about effective and innovative instructional methods, technology, management education and development techniques, institutional structures or education policies; and applications of learning theories. Research and benchmark practices in coaching, outcome assessment, learning styles, on-line learning across cultures and environments are also a focus of the division.