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A Message from the MED Division Chair 2019-20

Kim_Gower.pngWelcome to the Management Education and Development (MED) Division of the Academy of Management (AOM)!

We are happy you visited our site, and hope that you had the opportunity to attend our 2019 program in Boston where we featured cutting edge research, contemporary techniques for classroom engagement, and the opportunity to network with our nearly 1800 members!

The MED Division provides an excellent venue for you to experience the best in both education and development. Our “Best Paper” awards are often quantitative research work on the latest in educational and pedagogical development, and we support Ph.D. students, young faculty, and our members around the world through our many awards for outstanding research, symposia, and workshops.

Please see the link below and make MED your home - you will always feel welcomed!

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All the best,
Kim Gower

2019/2020 MED Chair
University of Mary Washington College of Business
Fredericksburg, Virginia


01-804-335-7835 (mobile)

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