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Call for papers

  • 1.  Call for papers

    Posted 04-12-2022 08:11

    * Apologies for cross posting *

    Call for papers for special issue of Journal of Business, Ethics & Society (https://journal-jbes.org/)

    Theme: Ageism in Information Technology work environments and its effect on personal and societal well-being

    Ageism in the IT industry is well known. With rapidly changing times, technologies and established processes get obsolete very quickly and therefore a long work tenure in the IT industry can be a bane rather than a boon. Employees with a long tenure in the industry are increasingly being seen as less productive, unless they are able to upskill at a furious pace.

    Many IT consultancy companies are engaged in lower or mid end of consultancy spectrum and for these jobs, they need young programmers who are fast and are available at a low CTC. This approach means that very few senior positions are available, and the aging professional is being eased out of the system.

    In this special issue for JBES, we focus on the issue of 'ageism', that is, stereotyping of and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.

    We are looking for papers that address the following topics (and other suggested topics too):

    ·        Stereotyping on the basis of age in the IT industry

    ·        The cultural assimilation issues of an experienced employee.

    ·        Experience and innovativeness

    ·        Intersectionality of ageism and sexism

    ·        Are 60s the new 40s?

    ·        Lost economic activity from older workers

    ·        Is ageism a microaggression: How do you prove it?

    ·        Impact of the Covid pandemic on older IT professionals

    ·        The role of reverse mentoring and peer mentoring


    10th May, 2022: Abstract submission to Aditya Agrawal: adiagr@gmail.com (500 words)

    15th August, 2022: Final paper submission for peer review: (5000 to 7000 words)

    Here are the article submission guidelines: https://journal-jbes.org/submission-guidelines

    October, 2022: Final online publication

    Special issue editors:

    Aditya Agrawal, PhD Research Scholar, IIT Bombay, India;

    Fetzer scholar

    Anita Mendiratta, Assistant Professor, University of Delhi, India;

    MSR Treasurer at Academy of Management; Fetzer scholar


    With regards,

    Prof. Payal Kumar 

    Dean Research & Management Studies,

    Indian School of Hospitality, India

    Book titles: amazon.com/author/payalkumar