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Call for Nominations - 2021 JME LASTING IMPACT AWARD

  • 1.  Call for Nominations - 2021 JME LASTING IMPACT AWARD

    Posted 01-10-2022 09:24

    Call for Nominations - 2021 JME LASTING IMPACT AWARD 


    The Lasting Impact Award, co-sponsored by the Journal of Management Education and Sage Publications, recognizes annually an article published in JME at least 10 years prior that continues to have a significant impact on management education or educators, either conceptually or practically, since its publication. 


    Nominations for the 2021 Lasting Impact Award are now open for JME articles with a publication date prior to 2011. The deadline for nomination is February 5, 2021. All nominations should be sent via email to editor@mobts.org with full details about the nominated article (author(s), title, volume, issue, and page numbers) as well as a brief commentary about the influence of the article since its publication in JME. This commentary may include citations or other descriptions of the article's impact on management education theory or practice. 


    The annual Lasting Impact Award is determined by the JME Co-Editors and Associate Editors. Author(s) of the honored article will be invited to attend the annual MOBTS Conference to receive their award. All Lasting Impact Awards are included on the JME Award-Winning Articles webpage. 

    Jennifer Leigh
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