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Publishing opportunities relating to the arts and humanities in management and business

  • 1.  Publishing opportunities relating to the arts and humanities in management and business

    Posted 11-05-2018 13:56

    Dear Friend of the Arts and Humanities in Management and Business:


    Although many creative minds in our field have explored literature, film, drama, poetry, and painting in their business school classrooms, fewer have examined works of the arts and humanities in serious research. Perhaps fewer still belong to networks of scholars promoting interdisciplinary teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences. To advance the place of the arts and humanities in management and business education and research, we are excited to invite you to two contribution opportunities below.


    We hope you will take these opportunities to consider how you can engage some of your favorite works of art and humanities in your work as a management and business scholar. Please contact us with ideas, questions, and comments. Also, please feel free to forward this invitation to other interested scholars. Thank you!



    Christopher Michaelson and Matt Statler


    Teaching: Sage Business Cases series on the Humanities and Arts in Business (co-editors, Christopher Michaelson and Matt Statler): Unlike conventional business cases that assemble fact patterns into a pedagogical narrative, Humanities and Arts business cases draw on existing narratives to illuminate how they can be deployed in a business classroom. These narratives may include short stories or novel excerpts, film or play segments, folktales, songs, poems, photographs, paintings, and paradoxes, among other objects from the humanities and arts. A business case of approximately 1,000-5,000 words (depending upon the form and length of the narrative object) introduces and reproduces the object and a pedagogical plan and includes a teaching note. Cases are peer-reviewed, and authors receive a $500 honorarium upon publication. For more information on our current call for contributions (deadline January 31, 2019), click here.

    Research: Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) section on the Humanities and Business Ethics (section editor, Christopher Michaelson): Authors are invited to submit contributions to the study of business ethics, including but not limited to those that do the following: Study (a) work(s) of the arts of humanities with relevance to business ethics; interpret the works of an artist, author, composer, genre, etc., that put that oeuvre into correspondence with conventional scholarship; examine an art form to yield findings about the ethical values of business; apply arts and humanities theories to generate insights about business ethics; explore how ethical characterizations of business have evolved in the humanities across time and place; and, synthesize other research involving business ethics and humanities. Submissions are welcome year-round. Please follow these links for the introduction to a recent JBE Virtual Special Issue on the Humanities and Business Ethics for the Journal of Business Ethics website.



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