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AMLE Showcase Session (Program Session 1163) Deadline Extended

  • 1.  AMLE Showcase Session (Program Session 1163) Deadline Extended

    Posted 07-11-2022 03:35
    Dear colleagues

    Following requests, we have now extended the deadline for submitting your short papers to July 25, 2022.

    AMLE Showcase Session (Program Session 1163: In-person only) 

    August 08 2022, Monday, 0930-1100AM (UTC-7), Grand Crescent, The Westin Seattle 



    Concerted scrutiny of the links between management education and re/production of socioeconomic inequalities has been limited (Fotaki & Prasad, 2015). This silence is more telling at a time when socioeconomic inequalities are widening globally (Piketty, 2020). The limited attention on inequalities in management education and learning is particularly significant as higher education is considered a crucial site of social mobility and integral to alleviating inequalities (Sandel, 2020). However, recent studies have since debunked the myth of merit-based social mobility as the solution to inequalities. In fact, more than countering, educational institutions are increasingly being recognised as sites of transmittal of pre-existing and creation of new inequalities (Khan, 2010; Zulfiqar & Prasad, 2021). 

    The full call for papers and a list of potential themes can be found here. 

    Session Format

    This AMLE showcase session is organized in two parts: 

    • The first part is open to all participants. We will begin with two short presentations: an overview of AMLE's editorial practices and expectations, and the special issue's theme; followed by some questions from the audience.  
    • The second part is only for authors of short papers accepted for this session. The participants will be organized into breakout groups (each corresponding to a theme), with a member of the editorial team chairing the discussion. The participants will receive detailed feedback from their peers and on behalf of the editorial team.  

    Submission instructions 

    • The maximum word limit for the short paper is 2,000 words, excluding references and appendices but including figures and tables 
    • The first page of your short paper must have title and author information, including names and email ids. 
    • Prospective authors are invited to submit their short papers by email to arun.1.kumar@kcl.ac.uk by July 25 (please insert AMLE Sp Issue in subject line) 


    Arun Kumar (King's College London, UK); Hari Bapuji (University of Melbourne, Australia); Vivek Soundararajan (University of Bath, UK); Tine Köhler (University of Melbourne, Australia); Rafael Alcadipani (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas, Brazil); Mette Morsing (UN PRME); and Diego M. Coraiola (University of Victoria, Canada)