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    Posted 09-30-2023 10:44
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    Dear Colleagues,

    I hope this message finds you well.

    In 2023, the Idea Puzzle software for doctoral research design was shortlisted for SAGE £15k Concept Grant, from a total of 89 research software tools. The jury considered the theoretical framework of 21 decisions unique and praised the way the Idea Puzzle software helps PhD candidates go through the process of developing their research.

    In the past 15 years, I have tested the Idea Puzzle framework of 21 decisions (Morais & Brailsford, 2019) in 355 webinars/seminars with 12357 PhD candidates, doctoral supervisors, and research methods/skills lecturers in 103 universities from 27 countries: https://www.ideapuzzle.com/en/free-webinar_203.html On average, the knowledge imparted at the webinar/seminar was evaluated 9,5 in 10 by 1548 participants (13% response rate).

    In 2024, I would like to write a book that integrates all the feedback I have received from all over the world. The preliminary title would be 'Philosophy of science and doctoral research design: The case of the Idea Puzzle framework.' (abstract attached).

    Given your expertise on management education, could you please suggest a Commissioning Editor that might be interested in my book proposal? 

    Thank you and best regards,

    Ricardo Morais
    Universidade Católica Portuguesa
    Católica Porto Business School


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