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Call-for-Chapters: NEW Book on Early Career Academia

  • 1.  Call-for-Chapters: NEW Book on Early Career Academia

    Posted 28 days ago

    Dear Friends,

    I am pleased to announce a new book proposal that Dr. Kristin Williams and I are working on that explores the diverse ways of 'doing' and reflecting on early career academia. 

    Some details:

    Working Title: Doing Early Academic Careers Differently 

    Edited by: Nick Deal and Kristin Williams 

    Publisher: Taylor & Francis/Routledge (Commissioning Editor, Terry Clague)

    What does early career academic even mean?! This is a point we wish to explore together in this book. We are eager to feature a set of vibrant, global stories from across the academy that thwart the taken for granted path of academics and we want to hold space for scholars that have pursued academia alongside parenthood, fulltime careers, work precarity, and conditions of oppression and marginalization, to name a few identities. We hope to feature personal narratives of resistance and resilience, and anticipate new discrete counter narratives and critical accounts that challenge conventional wisdom and the assumed path to academia (or beyond). We believe that this edited collection will inspire current and future doctoral students and early career academics by demonstrating what is possible and by problematizing the narrow portrait of early career academics (in and out the academy). 

    If this project interests you (and we hope it does), and you'd like to be included as a chapter in the book, all that we need from you is a Word document that outlines:


    1. Your full name, affiliation, and email address;
    2. A proposed chapter title;
    3. Short abstract (up to 250 words maximum).


    The final chapter won't be due for at least another year and we're aiming for lengths between 6-8,000 words. All forms of writing and styles are welcomed!


    We'd appreciate your replies via email to Nicholous.Deal@msvu.ca and Kristin.Williams@acadiau.ca by Thursday, November 30, 2023.


    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.

    Nicholous Deal
    Assistant Professor
    Mount Saint Vincent University
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada