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Causal Inference & Difference-in-Differences with Jeffrey Wooldridge - live seminars

  • 1.  Causal Inference & Difference-in-Differences with Jeffrey Wooldridge - live seminars

    Posted 01-08-2023 19:02

    Hi everyone

    Instats is pleased to announce a series of 2-day seminars on panel data modeling and causal inference with difference-in-differences (DiD) methods. These are being offered in collaboration with professors Jeffrey Wooldridge and Malvina Marchese in their four-part course Panel Data Modeling: From Static Models to DiD Estimation and Causal Inference using Stata.


    The first two seminars cover basic and advanced panel data methods by professor Marchese: Panel Data Models and Methods in Stata (Feb 16 - 17) and Advanced Panel Data Modeling with Stata (Mar 2 - 3),  including the nonlinear case. Malvina is a great communicator and educator in this area, so don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about the most modern methods for analyzing panel data!


    The next seminars by professor Wooldridge introduce methods for causal inference, and then synthesize this with panel data models by covering DiD methods: Causal Inference with Cross-Sectional Data (Mar 22 - 23) and Difference-in-Differences (DiD) Methods with Panel Data (April 5 - 6), including recent cutting-edge applications. As many of you may know, Jeff is one of the best known and most cited econometricians, so it is a real treat to be able to host his seminars – and he's agreed to stay on the Zoom sessions at the end of each day to continue chatting if you'd like!


    By registering for this four-part course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of panel data modeling, alongside methods for causal inference with cross-sectional and panel data. Registering for all 4 seminars also provides a 10% discount, which is in addition to the very affordable pricing that Instats already offers -- especially for PhD students.


    Please get in touch with any questions including group discounts with 5 or more, and please tell your colleagues, students, and friends about this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn directly from these experts!

    Best wishes

    Michael Zyphur


    Institute for Statistical and Data Science


    Michael Zyphur
    UQ Business School
    University of Queensland