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Online Manuscript Development Workshop sponsored by Journal of Management Education (JME)

  • 1.  Online Manuscript Development Workshop sponsored by Journal of Management Education (JME)

    Posted 10-23-2023 06:08

    The Journal of Management Education will be hosting an online manuscript development workshop on November 9th, 2023 from 4-6 pm EST!

    We are pleased to invite interested authors to submit their manuscripts to the workshop. We summarize the main details about the event below:

    How to submit and what is the submission deadline?

    Interested authors are invited to submit a full manuscript to the workshop by October 30 2023 at 9 pm EST.

    Please send your manuscript by email to the Co-Editors, Jennifer Leigh (jleigh4@naz.edu), Melanie Robinson (melanie.2.robinson@hec.ca), or editor@mobts.org with the subject line: Submission for Manuscript Development Workshop. Manuscripts will then be shared with the organizing team for the workshop. Please note that while we will include as many papers as we can, we cannot guarantee that all papers will be included in the workshop.

    Within the email, please confirm that should the paper be included in the workshop:

    1.       The author(s) authorize us to share their paper with the other workshop participants assigned to their breakout room, so that all participants in the same breakout room can read the papers in advance and offer feedback.

    2.       That we can add the author(s) names to the header of the paper before sending the paper to other participants.

    How will the workshop be organized?

    Following a short introduction to the journal (20 minutes), participants will move to breakout rooms. Each breakout room will include one facilitator and the authors of a maximum of 3 papers.

    Authors will be sent papers to be discussed in their breakout rooms one week before the workshop, so that they can read the papers beforehand to be able to provide feedback to the other participants. As such, interested authors must confirm in their email that they are happy for their paper to be shared with other workshop participants.

    We very much look forward to discussing interested authors' management education-related work! Please share with your colleagues, networks, and consider what teaching and learning research you would like to get moving.

    Best regards,

    Jennifer Leigh and Melanie Robinson

    Co-Editors, Journal of Management Education 

    Jennifer S.A. Leigh
    Nazareth University
    Rochester, NY, United States