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Seeking unpublished meta-analyses on outcomes of learning and training

  • 1.  Seeking unpublished meta-analyses on outcomes of learning and training

    Posted 08-06-2023 13:50

    Dear colleagues,

    we are currently conducting a secondary meta-analysis on the outcomes of work-related learning. We are including all forms of learning, such as (formal) training and interventions, workplace instructions, informal learning, self-regulated learning, coaching, mentoring, after-action reviews, etc.

    Our inclusion criteria cover learning at the individual level (no team learning, no "learning organization") by working individuals (no students, but apprentices with regular working hours do count) in all industries. We consider all learning outcomes (e.g., knowledge acquisition, satisfaction, engagement, self-efficacy, OCB, health-related constructs), including distal outcomes such as organizational success, revenue, customer satisfaction, or patient health.

    Therefore, we are looking at the moment for unpublished meta-analyses or datasets that we can include in our secondary meta-analysis. If you have manuscripts, conference papers, or datasets that may be of interest to our project and that you could share with us, we would appreciate if you could share a working version of your paper OR send the following information to julian.decius@uni-bremen.de :

    1.     Depending on the research design of your meta-analysis: any correlations (e.g., r or rho) of learning activities with learning outcomes of any kind; or group differences in learning outcomes (e.g., d or g) between learning intervention group and control group.

    2.     A description of how you define the learning approach you are investigating.

    3.     The inclusion criteria of your meta-analysis.

    4.     The number of studies included in your meta-analysis (k) and the number of underlying individuals (N).

    5.     Any other information you think might be useful for including your meta-analysis.

    6.     Your preferred way in which we should cite your unpublished article.

    We are very grateful for your consideration of this request. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

    We kindly request responses by September 6th

    Best regards,

    Julian Decius, Carolin Graßmann, & Laura Creon


    Julian Decius

    Head of Organizational Psychology (Tenure Track)

    University of Bremen

    Bremen (Germany)


    Julian Decius
    University of Bremen