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Survey for Researchers: Registered Report

  • 1.  Survey for Researchers: Registered Report

    Posted 11-29-2022 06:50

    Dear Colleagues,

    We – my colleague Fabiola Gerpott (WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management) and I – are looking for researchers that would help us with a survey about Registered Reports in Management and Applied Psychology. If you wonder what a Registered Report is – there is a great explanation on OSF: https://www.cos.io/initiatives/registered-reports

    We are specifically interested in scholars that

    1. Have served as either a reviewer or editor on a paper submitted through the Registered Reports format.

    If you fit into this category, we would greatly appreciate your participation in this short survey (ca. 5-10 min.)

    Furthermore, we interested in scholars that

    1. Know, in general, what a Registered Report is but were not yet involved as a (co-)author in a submission of a paper through the Registered Reports format that was (in-principle or fully) accepted at a journal.

    If this applies to you, we would like to invite you to a different, short survey (ca. 5-10 min.).

    The purpose behind this request is that we are currently revising-and-resubmitting a manuscript entitled "Myths, Truths, and Best Practices For Publishing Registered Reports in Management and Applied Psychology Research" that should help scholars to successfully submit Registered Report proposals and effectively follow through with the subsequent data collection. With your response, you would contribute to providing guidelines for scholars submitting research via this new publication format that offers one way of increasing transparency in science.

    We are happy to share our best practices with interested participants of either survey.

    If you are willing to contribute, we would appreciate it if you participate in the survey until December 10th.

    We appreciate your consideration of this request.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Best regards, Roman and Fabiola

    Roman Briker
    Maastricht University