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Updates from Giving Voice To Values at UVA Darden School of Business (apologies for cross-posts)

  • 1.  Updates from Giving Voice To Values at UVA Darden School of Business (apologies for cross-posts)

    Posted 01-18-2023 14:18




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    Happy 2023! Giving Voice to Values continues to grow rapidly and globally, and we gratefully share recent developments below.

    New here? See our two-page overview of GVV's history and resources (PDF).

    Please reach out to us with your newsletter submissions at: GVV@darden.virginia.edu



    Latest News


    The Mastercard Foundation has been working with Mary Gentile to offer a Giving Voice To Values Train-the-Trainer program for internal managers which will be rolled out to the rest of the organization across numerous countries in Africa.



    Monark -- a holistic digital leadership development platform that blends live cohort-based learning, a robust digital platform, and an analytics dashboard -- has adopted Giving Voice To Values in its "Ethics and Integrity Essentials" learning path to prepare leaders to effectively act on their values and successfully navigate conflicts in their work. Watch Video



    Mary Gentile led a GVV Curriculum Development Workshop for Engineering Faculty at Wake Forest University on 6 January 2023.



    Mary Gentile gave a GVV presentation, "Values-Based Leadership Course," to Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, on 15 December 2022. 



    Mary Gentile gave the closing keynote, "Giving Voice to Values: The 'How' of Values-Driven Leadership," at the Rear Admirals Wetmore Ethics Forum at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on 9 November 2022. Watch Video.



    Forthcoming Book in the GVV Series From Routledge:

    Authentic Excellence for Organizations: Creating Flourishing "&" Cultures 
    by R. Kelly Crace, Charles J. Hardy, Robert L. Crace

    (June 2023)



    Darden Business Publishing is pleased to offer a new series of Tech Ethics cases (listed below). Several of the cases were made possible with a grant to the University of Virginia from the Deloitte Foundation


    • Ashesi University launched their GVV MOOC on 14 June 2022. The course is part of an Education Collaborative initiative with other African universities to transform higher education. Led by Professor Rebecca Awuah, the program includes GVV cases specific to Africa.
    • Science and Technology Online Ethics Center has approved the GVV MOOC that Mary Gentile adapted for Engineering Education and is making it available (it was successfully piloted at UVA School of Engineering in the Fall of 2021).
    • Munster Technological University in Ireland led a year long faculty and curriculum development program, "Professional Ethics at MTU: Giving Voice to Values in an Irish Context."
    • GVV is now featured in an ONLINE program for the CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute). 



    • GVV presentation by Mary C. Gentile. Values-Based Leadership course, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 15 December 2022.
    • GVV presentation by Mary C. Gentile. Systems Engineering course, University of Arkansas, 29 November 2022.
    • "Giving Voice to Values: The 'How' of Values-Driven Leadership" by Mary C. Gentile. Closing keynote, Rear Admiral Wetmore Ethics Forum, Coast Guard Academy, 9 November 2022.
    • GVV presentation by Mary C. Gentile. Gathering of Kindness, Hush Foundation, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, 7 November 2022.
    • "Giving Voice to Values: A Pedagogy for Ethical Action," keynote speech by Mary C. Gentile. Virtues and Vocations Engineering Education Workshop, hosted by Duke University Keenan Institute for Ethics and Notre Dame College of Engineering, Notre Dame, 27 October 2022.
    • Presentation by Mary C. Gentile. Social, Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decisions course, Purdue University, 10 October 2022.
    • "Giving Voice to Values: The 'How' of Values-Driven Leadership" by Mary C. Gentile. CFA Society St. Louis, 12 October 2022.



    • "Case Study: Does Facial Recognition Tech Enhance Security?" by Mary C. Gentile, David Danks, and Maralee Harrell. Harvard Business Review (Nov-Dec 2022)
    • Foreword by Mary C. Gentile. In Ethical Obligations and Decision Making in Accounting: Text and Cases, 6th Edition by Steven Mintz and William Miller. New York: McGraw-Hill, forthcoming.  



    • Mary Gentile participated in a discussion of "Giving Voice To Values" for the "Virtuous Leadership Program," a convening of senior business leaders in Brazil, sponsored by Virtuous Company2022. Watch Video.
    • "Giving Voice to Values" is being offered as an Executive Education program at Curtin University, Perth, Australia, 2022.
    • Grant-funded GVV Curriculum project launched in engineering, nursing and social care at Munster Technological University, Ireland, 2021.
    • The Australian Institute of Health and Safety is offering an online professional development version of the GVV MOOC customized for Health and Safety profession.
    • Australian Financial Markets Association built GVV into their competencies and training modules and receives high evaluations from users, 2020.
    • Faculty in Jordan, Colombia, Switzerland and France have translated parts of GVV for use in their courses.

    Visit the GVV Around the World section of our website for more on GVV's global reach and impact.


    GVV is active internationally and growing, with over 1,400 presentations and/or pilots in education, business and fields such as nursing, medicine, law, the military, finance, and the public sector. For example, in addition to the items listed above:

    • Giving Voice to Values presentation to the Accounting Professionals Program, Colorado State University, November 2021.
    • Giving Voice to Values presentation to the Engineering Professionals Program, Ohio Northern University, November 2021.
    • GVV has been a featured input into the Communication Skills program at the Notre Dame School of Medicine, Australia, and was acknowledged at the Association for Medical Education in Europe annual conference, 2020.
    • GVV is now featured in an ONLINE program for the CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute).
    • GVV is being used in professional development programming by the GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association).
    • GVV has become part of the pedagogy and curriculum for FASPE, the Fellowship at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics. To learn more, visit: https://www.faspe-ethics.org/



    Mary Gentile was named to the EthicsIndia Advisory Board for 2022-24. EthicsIndia, a Legasis Group company, strives to uphold the vision of and to create an ecosystem for the Compliance & Ethics Academy.

    Cynthia E. Clark was recognized as an Outstanding Scholar in Management by Bentley University for bridging between research and practice, including authoring the book, Giving Voice to Values in the Boardroom (2021). 


    Thank you for your continued interest and use of Giving Voice to Values!


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