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Webinar: Teaching with AI: Evolving practice, evolving management education

  • 1.  Webinar: Teaching with AI: Evolving practice, evolving management education

    Posted 12-22-2023 02:33
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    Teaching with AI: Evolving practice, evolving management education

    Webinar: Wednesday, January 31st, 12:00 (EST) 


    • Martin Fellenz, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD Business School, Switzerland
    • Mairead Brady, Associate Professor of Marketing and Technology, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin
    • David Lefevre, Professor of Practice, Imperial Business School, Imperial College London
    • Sarah Toms, Chief Learning Innovation Officer, IMD Business School, Switzerland

    This webinar explores the potential of AI and the evolving practices of educators in using and teaching with this technology. AI deployment has the potential to disrupt and transform the landscape of management education. Throughout this webinar, we provide a platform for considering AI through four contributions aligned with the best and next practices for educators in using and teaching with AI. We delve into the practice of AI usage, the evolving education impacts, and the mindset challenges required now and for the next steps in this transformative journey. At this critical juncture for management education, we bring contributors and participants together to study, discuss, debate, and question next and best practices. We provide time for participant questions and challenges and for open discussion.

    We look forward to welcoming you to this AI webinar. Whether you are a management educator, a learning technologist, or a manager, all are welcome. All perspectives are needed and welcomed as we address these critical issues from multiple perspectives.


    1. Advance AI's Educational Potential: Drive exploration of AI's educational potential by offering valuable insights into its evolving role in teaching practices.
    2. Frame as a Pivotal Moment in Management Education: Highlight the transformative impact of AI deployment in management education, shedding light on future challenges and opportunities.
    3. AI transformative and disruptive: Actively investigate how AI deployment disrupts and transforms the educational landscape, providing a comprehensive perspective on forthcoming challenges and opportunities.
    4. Facilitate Effective AI Usage in TeachingWe provide a platform for educators to thoroughly explore AI. This includes an examination of the current best practices and emerging trends, equipping participants with practical knowledge for utilizing and teaching AI effectively.
    5. Promote Engaging Discussions and Collaboration: Foster dynamic discussions, debates, and collaboration to collectively address the complex questions and challenges linked to AI in management education.

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    Adam Keeley
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