• AOM MED Webinar Coordinator sought to start Fall, 2021

    MED seeks a Webinar Coordinator to continue the work that Lisa Stickney has performed. 

    Starting this Fall, the Webinar Coordinator will organize and oversee the delivery of 2-3 webinars per year. The webinars: 

    • Provide a forum for academics and practitioners to stay up to date 
    • Introduce management education and development to doctoral students 
    • Create opportunities to connect with Academy members who may not have easy access to the annual meeting 
    • Introduce academics and practitioners who are not members of the Academy of Management to the Academy, and the MED division, specifically 

    Existing procedures are neatly codified, Zoom webinar hosting is secured for the upcoming year, and behind-the-scenes support is in place thanks to Lisa Sitckney’s careful attention.  

    Do any of our current MED officers or members want to volunteer for this role, or have suggestions of people who might be interested?  

    If you, or someone you know is interested, please email the MED secretary Lisa Callagher ( ) by Monday, April 12. Along with your name and affiliation, please tell us in 3-4 sentences about your skillset and motivation for the role!  

  • Upcoming Interactive Webinar (April 29, 2021)

    MED invites you to our next interactive video webinar, hosted by the Merrick School of Business.

    Management Education in the 4th Industrial Revolution
    on Apr 29, 2021 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Management educators currently find themselves in an era of great disruption, not only from the current challenges brought about by COVID-19 but also due to the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). The 4IR is upending how we work, where we work, why we work, and who does the work, creating implications for what leaders will do and how we can better prepare our students. We will briefly describe the 4IR including its implications for management educators and our stakeholders.

    Dr. Cindi Fukami is Professor of Management at the University of Denver. Cindi has published 12 articles, 9 chapters and has over 60 presentations on the SOTL. She served on the Board of the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society and has been a member of the JME editorial board since 1991, serving also as Associate Editor. She received the Susan Herman Service Award from MOBTC and currently serves on the AMLE editorial board.

    This webinar is free. Participation from doctoral students, junior faculty, international scholars and practitioners is encouraged!
  • MED Board Nominations

    Nominations for the MED board are LIVE! Please nominate yourself or any other MED members for a position on the MED board!
  • Reminder to Become a Reviewer

    The Management Education and Development (MED) Division of the Academy of Management (AOM) relies on your attention and effort as a reviewer to ensure our annual conference academic program is of the highest quality. As a reviewer, you will be asked to review no more than three (3) submissions per division or interest group you sign up for. Reviews will be conducted from 21 January - 18 February.
  • Call for Reviewers

    Help shape the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management by volunteering to review! Choose up to two Divisions or Interest Groups as well as TLC@AOM and review up to three proposals for each group you select. Why review? 
    • Reviewers are essential to guaranteeing academic quality and integrity
    • Reviewing engages you in your scholarly community
    • Reviewing exposes you to disciplines outside of your domain
    • Reviewing provides emerging scholars an introduction to the scholarly process
    • AOM greatly appreciates the work of our reviewers
    Reviewer Sign-Up will open shortly.
  • Call For Submissions

    The Call for Submissions is now available for the #AOM2021 Annual Meeting. Become and engaged proactive member of the AOM community and help shape the future of management and organizational scholarship. The Submission Center will open shortly. Review the Call for Submissions to prepare for the call:
  • Final Days - MED Survey

    Dear MED-AOM members -- Please fill out the MED division review survey - this is really important for the future of our community!
    It will help us improve the division. You should have received an email with the link to the survey.
    If you cannot find it - please contact Michael McShane
    Thanks for your time!
  • We Need Your Help - MED Survey

    MED division colleagues - If you have not yet completed the “MED Division Member Survey” please look for your 10/16/20 email and click on your personal survey link -- thank you so much for helping MED achieve a high response rate!

    p.s. If it helps you to find it in your millions of emails (now that we're mostly all working online/remotely), I found the email was from MED via survey monkey 

    All the best,
    Emilee, co-technology coordinator for MED
  • Next MED Sponsored Event - How to Define and Measure Scholarly Impact: Implications for Educators, R

    Dear Colleagues,


    The Management Education and Development (MED) division of the Academy of Management is delighted to invite you to our next interactive video webinar.


    Hosted by the Merrick School of Business at University of Baltimore, these webinars bring together academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss the latest topics in management learning and education. Participants who are new to the field are most welcome and the webinar will help them get engaged and up-to-date.


    All are welcome, and we are particularly keen to involve doctoral students, junior faculty and international scholars and practitioners who may not have easy access to the Academy annual meeting. The webinar is free, and you can participate using any electronic device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) when you install Zoom (also free) 



    Title: How to Define and Measure Scholarly Impact: Implications for Educators, Researchers, and Administrators


    Session Description:


    The desire to have an impact on different stakeholders including researchers, students, and society at large is a long-term aspiration of most academics. Also, scholarly impact is one of the strongest currencies in the Academy. But, what is scholarly impact? How should we measure it? How can we enhance the impact of our research and teaching activities? The goal of this webinar is to address these questions by describing the latest research and using an interactive format. The webinar will be of interest to researchers and educators aiming to enhance their impact and university administrators aiming to understand how to define, measure, and reward impact.



    Speaker: Herman Aguinis is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar, Professor of Management, and Chairperson of the Department of Management at The George Washington University School of Business. His research addresses the acquisition and deployment of talent in organizations and organizational research methods. He has been elected for the five-year presidency track of the Academy of Management (AOM), served as Vice President and Program Chair for the AOM 2020 virtual conference and is now serving as AOM President Elect. Professor Aguinis has written 170 refereed journal articles and published nine books. The 2019 and 2018 Web of Science Highly Cited Researchers Reports ranked him among the world's 100 most impactful researchers in Economics and Business and his work has received about 33,000 Google Scholar citations (h-index = 84) and more than 10,000 Web of Science citations. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Management and received the Losey Award by the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation for lifetime achievement in human resource research; AOM Research Methods Division Distinguished Career Award for lifetime contributions; AOM Practice Theme Committee Scholar Practice Impact Award recognizing outstanding impact on policy making and managerial and organizational practices; Indiana University Dr. Martin Luther King Building Bridges Award for promoting equality, equity, diversity, and justice; and Indiana University Latino Faculty and Staff Council Distinguished Faculty Award recognizing his service, mentoring, and promotion of diversity initiatives. He has also received seven best-article-of-the-year awards from Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior (twice), Academy of Management Perspectives, Organizational Research Methods, and Management Research. He served as Editor-in-Chief of Organizational Research Methods, as President of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, and serves or has served on the editorial board of 26 journals.



    Sponsor: Management Education and Development (MED) division; Sabine Hoidn (U. of St. Gallen; MED Chair) 

    Host: Murray Dalziel (Dean, Merrick School of Business, U. of Baltimore)


    When: Oct 28, 2020 10:00-11:00 AM Eastern Time



    How to join:


    • If you do not have Zoom already installed in your computer or mobile device, before the webinar, please click here to download this free app. It is a very reliable, user-friendly and intuitive videoconferencing platform.




    If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Stickney or Eusebio Scornavacca.


    We look forward to welcoming you to this vibrant community of scholars and practitioners! 

  • Another Great Way to Collaborate!

    Hey MED, Let’s “Gather”

    Since gathering in person isn’t possible, the MED Board has created an online space to allow participants to gather informally. The informality of in-person meetups is hard to recreate in current video chat apps. However, in our Gather space, you can have multiple people in the same shared space having multiple conversations. And it’s open 24/7/365, so you can meet up with people in your time zone!

    Once you log into Gather, you can use your keyboard or mouse to “move” over the low-fidelity, 2D map. When you get near other people on the map, their video and audio will be available to you; when you move away, it will fade away. You can see the platform description here. 

    How Do I Get There?

    Navigate to, then enter the password med2020

    How Do I Use this Space?

    1. Catch up with colleagues. Invite a few people to meet you in the space at a pre-specified time. 
    2. Join before or after sessions or socials. Attend an exciting session and want to talk to others about it? Hop into Gather and find others who want to chat! As a reminder, here are the “live” sessions when you can join. Note, if a session is asynchronous, you can join the Gather space with others to discuss and interact! All times EDT. 
      • Saturday, 8th of August, 11.00;  PDW Workshop  "Teaching with Technology: Seeing Past the Constraints of Technology." (Real-time Open
      • Monday, August 10th, 13.00 – MED Annual Members Meeting and Awards (Mock Live)
      • Monday, August 10th, 13.30: MED Keynote: Stephanie Bryant, Chief Accreditation Officer for AACSB and Welcome Address – (Real-Time Open)
      • Monday, August 10th, 3pm - MED Executive Committee meeting (asynchronous)
      • Monday, August 10th, 7pm - MED/Sage Monday evening member social (asynchronous - but pop into the Gather space at this time to chat!)
    3. Pop in anytime! You can pop in at any time during the conference to see who else is there!
    4. Start a Twitter Conversation! Use the hashtag #MED@AOM2020 and invite others to join you from social media!

    The Gather space doesn’t expire, so if you meet people at the conference and would like an informal way to meet again, hang on to the link and the password and feel free to use it again!

  • Update from Kim Gower, Chair

    Dear MED Members:

    We hope this email finds you healthy and happy in this strangest of times.

    Many of you will be getting emails from various sources about the way this year’s virtual AOM 2020 will work.

    The executive board wants to assure you that we have been discussing this option for a couple of months and have a strong plan, as the MED division, moving forward.

    Since we have been planning, we were able to offer suggestions to the AOM Executive Board-some they used and some they did not:).

    We were only first informed of some of their choices last Friday, May 15, hence this email to keep you up to date.

    There are many moving parts to this, but we had an excellent executive board meeting last week where we started to put our plan into motion.

    We see this as an excellent opportunity to showcase MED outside of the usual constraints of choosing which PDW or which Paper Session to attend, and we are excited about bringing the MED enthusiasm and level of achievement to the entire Academy in a way that was never before possible.

    Alan Eisner, as Program Chair, and Gerard Beenen, as PDW Chair, have their work cut out for them as the challenges we face lie largely in their areas. We will ask for your help in communicating MED’s program throughout the Academy!

    Additionally, Kathleen Barnes will still be running our Writer’s Workshop, and we will still have our Saturday Night Social!:) Please be open to assisting with these as needed, in our usual MED fashion.

    Finally, if any of you have mad technical skills, would you please reply separately to me ( if you are willing to be our digital guru(s). By now we all seem to feature some pretty good abilities, and AOM is offering a technical help group, but it would be helpful to MED to have our own “go to” people so we know our program is getting done! At this stage we are incorporating ZOOM, YouTube, and a Google tool for papers and PDW’s. We will also be asking our Chinese constituents to help us with whatever platforms we can use effectively in their country.

    Thank you all so much for everything you do, as we continue to be a leader in Management Education and Development, and collegiality!

    All the best,
    Kim Gower, University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia